My Projects

Here is a selection of projects I have done just for the pleasure of creating. This by no means everything, just the ones I like the most.

The Truck

This is a long term project, probably the most ambitious I have undertaken. However it is now on the road, fully legal and compliant, and is used as a daily vehicle for work and recreation. It is proving incredibly useful and practical.

The underpinnings are a 1992 Y60 Nissan Safari fitted with the cab from a Toyota Dyna.

The CNC Router

I built a CNC router from scratch in order to support many other ideas and projects I have. It is running LinuxCNC and has worked out pretty well, stretching my electrical hardware and software skills.

The Bass

This is a flat pack acoustic bass guitar that the owner builds themselves, the one shown is one of the many prototypes I have created. The project is still in the works as I refine the design and buildability.

The Bicycles

When I started cycling in earnest I had a hard time finding a frame that suited me. The logical solution was to build a frame jig and get to making bicycles from scratch, the results are pretty great.